SNSC's mission is to ensure that all young athletes with interest in Nordic skiing have the chance to learn and develop their Nordic skills. The scholarship program is intended to help offset the membership fees. We are very pleased to offer summer scholarships! DEADLINE is June 1st. 

We offer scholarships for all of our summer programs. This summer we have roughly $2,500 in scholarships available and distribute those funds across all programs. Scholarships typically range from $50 - $250 (depending on program and number of applicants). 

Occasionally we will award larger scholarships (and in some cases full scholarships) for special situations or when financial need is high.

All scholarship applications must include the first two pages of the parent's tax return -- sent by mail to SNSC -- P.O. Box 1882, Frisco, CO 80443 or by email to (2016 tax returns will be kept on file for 2017-18 winter scholarships). TAX RETURNS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 1ST (or your application will be considered incomplete and you will not receive a scholarship).

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